Trillium Academic Program

About Trillium

Trillium Medical Education Consultants Inc. (TMEC) provide consultation services for medical students toward better learning, higher examination scores and stronger residency applications. Our mission is to prepare our students and provide them with information in accordance with the highest professional standards. We also put them in a position to practice patient-centered medicine that meets the North American guidelines.

Core values, which are fundamental to our mission, include: service through respect, compassion, integrity, excellence, wellness and equity. The aim of our services at TMEC is to create a well-paved path for students on their exciting road through medical school. Through our community involvement programs, students can make vital contributions to the health of individuals and communities-locally, nationally and internationally.

Our primary goal is to consult and assist our students. Consultants are readily available for students at all times via email, telephone or in person to answer all questions and concerns. We guide them through each step including but not limited to: application processes, examinations, immigration letters, housing, transportation, clinicals, recommendation letters, curriculum vitae and much more. We intend to fulfill our mission by helping students attain better education and clerkship opportunities in Canada and the United States for the growth of their career.

TMEC assists students from various medical universities by placing them in their preferred core clerkships, along with a variety of electives that we offer through our placement services. TMEC provides a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters intellectual discovery, creates and transmits innovative knowledge, improves human health and provides medical leadership to the world.